Little Flower Shop Goes Hollywood!

Kanye West Sunday Service Pigeon Forge 2020

Thursday night on 01.16.2020 the phone rings after closing. Haley, who is co-owner of the shop with her mom Tammi, happens to answers it. A lady is on the line requesting 38,000 flowers for Sat, 1 day away. Haley thinks it might be a scam call. The lady requests anything that is growing right now. Haley looked out the window of the flower shop and dead-panned, Ma'am its January in Tennessee, nothing is growing right now. She immediately googled the number after the call and finds out its legit!!! A PR from LA is ordering flowers for the Kanye West Sunday Service in Pigeon Forge for 01.19.2020.  

    Haley immediately calls the wholesaler, who also thinks its a scam, and unfortunately gave us a huge hassle, so we were not able to get flowers delivered until Fri. night at 10:30 pm!  We rented a big box truck and loaded boxes and boxes of flowers until 3:30 am, we were wiped out and had to get to the event at 8am the next day. We rounded up as many friends that we could to start putting the flowers in buckets, appx 500+ of them!
 Luckily for us they also flew in a florist and his team from LA that has done this events multiple times, they were super nice people. We worked until 6pm, got a break and came back at midnight to set up the stage and worked until 8am Sunday morn, just 2 hours before the shows! D's Garden from Sevierville came through much needed greenery and worked all night also. It was a crazy weekend for the small 2-person flower shop in Gatlinburg!

   It was an honor to provide 38,000+ flowers and greenery for Kanye West this weekend. Kanye was the headliner for the @strengthtostand conference, he loves creating The Garden of Eden at every venue he holds services at. We had the BEST experience and are incredibly thankful for the help and volunteers!

HUGE shoutout to:
@playaflowers We couldn’t have done it without Lance and his killer team.
@flowersdirecttn for providing the flowers in 24 hours.
@strengthtostand for the amazingly helpful volunteers.
@lecontecenterpf for allowing us to mess up the place with flowers 🤣
@randomactsofflowers for coming and picking up flowers for donations.
Also, our many other team players for putting up with us and coming on this journey. We truly couldn’t do it with out the perfect team we had!